Confirmation training

International Confirmation Training

Nuori kirkko ry. ”The Young Church Association” organizes two International Confirmation Training camps in 2019:

  • International Confirmation Training KV70, July 1st. to 10th. 2019. The Confirmation Mass is held at Pieksämäki on Wednesday July 10th. at 2pm.
  • International Confirmation Training KV71, July 12th. to 21st. 2019. The Confirmation Mass is held at Pieksämäki on Sunday July 21st. at 2pm.



Nuori kirkko ry. ”The Young Church Association” organizes two International Confirmation Training camps in 2018:


  • International Confirmation Training KV68, July 16th. to 25th. 2018. The Confirmation Mass is held at Pieksämäki on Wednesday July 25th. at 2pm.
    • Teacher in charge is Tarja Liljendahl (at her vacation June 15th to July 8th)
  • International Confirmation Training KV69, July 27th. to August 5th. 2018. The Confirmation Mass is held at Pieksämäki on Sunday August 5th. at 2pm.
    • Teacher in charge is Elise Kyttä (at her vacation June 14th to July 18th)


Confirmation Training letters you’ll find below!


Structure of Confirmation training

There are about 35 young participants from Finland and 35 participants from other countries in one Confirmation Training.

Our Confirmation Training has been divided in three different parts:

  1. part where we would like you to get in touch with your local parish and participate in their activities. As each community is different their activities varies slightly at times. Please contact your pastor or the congregational youth worker and make an appointment with them. three different parts.
  2. part is ranged tasks which are sent to participants during winter time.
  3. part is camp , which last 9 days and it’s held in Partaharju, Pieksämäki.


1. My home congregation

With the first letter in October is also a letter to the local pastor/minister. In that letter is told that the young adolescent is coming to Confirmation Training of the Young Church Association (Nuori kirkko ry). Local congregation is asked to help this Confirmand to take part local activities.

This is a duty of local congregation (in Finland) to help their member to take part different congregational activities. If this is not possible we do have our own rule of this.

To help local congregation the Finnish Church have done My home congregation leaflet. You need to fulfill this leaflet together with local congregation worker.

This duty is for every Confirmand. If you are living in a country without any Christian Church, you can follow Finnish Lutheran Worship Services  in Finnish (

2. Ranged tasks

All confirmands both Finns and others have the same Confirmation Training ranged tasks: First letter (in October), Second e-mail and moodle platform (February, invitation e-mail) and Third letter (May).

They need to explain if  they have had religious teaching and what kind of. And if they haven’t had any they’ll have additional tasks to complete.

The tasks are reviewed in the order we receive them. If confirmand hasn’t done these before the camp part he needs to complete these at the camp on his free time.

3. Camp

The Camp part of the International Confirmation Trainings is held at the Partaharjun toimintakeskus in Pieksämäki. The camp parts of our Confirmation Trainings are organised one after another in July. One Confirmation Training every year is ment to held together with The Finnish Seamen’s Mission and they’ll send one leader to the camp.

Contact with parents

With first Confirmation Training letter we’ll send a letter to parents. There is some basic information of Finnish Confirmation Training and what it includes. Confirmation Training Plan is informed.

We are asking the parents to write a letter to the leaders of Confirmation Training because we find that the role of parents is very important. Coming to the camp part of Confirmation Training we’ll collect Important information – leaflet, this is for safety reasons. We’ll find out from that leaflet parents contact information during camp part if we need contact them during camp.

About half of parents or relatives of confirmands are visiting camp on Visitors day. The program of the day is quite compact because those confirmands who doesn’t get any visitors can enjoy the day.

We are invited parents and relatives to join the Confirmation Training closing event in Partaharju Activity Centre on the morning of Confirmation Mass.


Konfirmaatio, kansainväliset rippikoulut

Bus is taking all confirmands to the Pieksämäki Veturitallit where they are dressed to the alb. You can buy the Confirmation picture before and after Confirmation Mass.

Confirmands are coming with procession in and are seated in font benches. The program of the Confirmation Mass is distributed at doors. More information is given before Mass. Confirmation Mass is about 1.5 hours long and it’s bilingual. You can take photos at your seat.

After Confirmation we’ll ask one of the godparents of every confirmand to come at altar behind their godchild. Godparent together with the Confirmation Training leaders are blessing the youngster as they were blessing them at their baptism.

After Confirmation Mass confirmands are going out of church as procession, they’ll give the alb away and after all this they are ready to congratulate, to give flowers and to say farewell.

Staff at confirmation training

At the International Confirmation Trainings of Nuori kirkko there is seven employees, three assistant teachers, who are also over 18 years old and who have been group leaders before.

At least one of the staff members is a pastor of Finnish Lutheran Church and one is music teacher. The other employees are mostly students of Church youth work or theology.

We in Nuori kirkko are obeying the Finnish church rule statute orders and criterion of Confirmation Training teacher. Also it is very important that all the teachers have a good knowledge about the religion they are teaching

The tasks are reviewed in the order we receive them. If confirmand hasn’t done these before the camp part he needs to complete these at the camp on his free time.


How and when can you apply to Confirmation Training?

You can apply to Confirmation Training when you wish. The dates of our Confirmation training are published in March, a year prior to the Confirmation camps. When you apply to Confirmation training, please use the form on our web page. After sending the form you will get an e-mail confirmation as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact our office +358 44 299 0553. When applying to the waiting list, please use the same form on our web page.

Does the Young Church Association (Nuori kirkko) provide the same Confirmation training as local parishes in Finland?

We follow the same Confirmation Training Plan as local parishes. Our association is a Youth work serving organisation in the Lutheran Church of Finland. Our Confirmation training is equivalent to the local ones in regard to the official parts and Confirmation training curriculum. Our Confirmation training is international and we use both Finnish and English during the classes and during all other activities.

Why is the participation fee of Confirmation Training higher than in the local parish?

Our Confirmation training fee has to cover the expenses of the whole Confirmation training. Local parishes in Finland get church tax revenue which take use to cover some of the costs. We do not have this possibility. You can pay the fee in three instalments.

How about Confirmation Training for under 15-year-old adolescents?

You can come to the Confirmation training in the year during which you have your 15th birthday. If you are under 15 there are some special circumstances when you are allowed Confirmation training at an earlier age. Please contact the vicar of your home congregation to solve this question.

Can you attend Confirmation Training if you not baptised?

Yes, you can attend Confirmation training, of course. Also if you are not a member of Finnish Lutheran Church you can come. If you want to be confirmed you need to be baptised and join/belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. As part of our Confirmation training we baptise youngsters every year. If you need to be baptised or/and join the local congregation, please contact the local church office beforehand. There you will get all the necessary forms which you have to fill in before the training starts. Please contact the pastor of your Confirmation Training camp for more information and details.

If a youngster has been baptised in other Church than in Finnish Evangelical Lutheran?

If you have been baptised in Christian Church we don’t baptise you again. If your baptism is not mentioned in your Church registeration paper, please send a copy of your baptism certificate beforehand to the Nuori kirkko office.

How can a youngster take part in the activities of his home congregation when he is taking part in Nuori kirkko Confirmation Training?

Confirmation training in Finland includes a module in conjunction with the home parish. This part is about 20 hours long and there are different ways to do it. You can participate in Services and congregational events in your home congregation. Your home congregation is responsible for these activities.  The basic rule is that you can take care of this together with the pastor or youth worker of your home congregation. You can find more information in detail in a letter we will send you in Autumn, almost a year prior to the Confirmation training camp. For more information read the leaflet My home congregation.

What if the connection to the home congregation is not working?

The participation in the activites of the home congregations is on local response, but if this is not working you can inform us. We can send you a leaflet about how to do this our way.

What if the youngster is not a member of Church, does he need to take part in the activities?

If you are not a member of the Lutheran Church, the response is the local congregation whose member the youngster will be. So you need to contact the local Lutheran (or Christian) Congregation to solve this problem.

How to take part of activities of local congregation when there is no Christian Churches in the whole country?

When you are visiting Finland you can join Worship Services and other Church occasions. There is also a possibility to join the activities of Finnish different church’s via internet.

If youngster hasn’t had religious teaching or he has had it only few years?

You need to read To be a Christian in Finland – book, which is telling about the activities of the Finnish Church and local congregations. The book includes also few points what is Finnish faith. You can also read Finnish Catechism (in English) . The youngster will get more information and tasks during the Confirmation Training.

What about coming to the camp and accommodation there?

Everybody takes care of their own travelling arrangements. Busses and trains stop at Pieksämäki, from where it is easiest to take a taxi to Partaharju. The distance between these two places is about seven (7) kilometres.

Please, make sure that you arrive between 11.30 and 1 pm. Lunch is served from noon to 1 pm, campers free, escorts we ask to pay for it.

In the activity Centre Partaharju at Harjuhovi, Iivari and Erä-Kalle buildings you’ll have shared 3 to 6 persons at same room.

What about food service at camp?

Our Partaharju is serving mostly Finnish home made food. If you have some food allergies or special diets, you need to contact us beforehand.

Is there a visitor’s day at Confirmation Training?

Yes there is, you’ll get detailed information in the last Confirmation Training letter. Visitors are warmly welcome to see how we are in Confirmation Training around mid point of the camp. Your family and friends are welcome to visit our camp, between 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm.

Is there a closing ceremony at Confirmation Training where also relatives can take part?

The closing event is held on the morning of the last day of Confirmation Training, just before Confirmation Mass starting at 11:00. All relatives and friends are welcome to this event. Visitors have also possibility to have lunch in Partaharju after closing event and before Confirmation Mass. More detailed information you’ll get on the last Confirmation Training letter.

When and where is Confirmation Mass?

Confirmation Mass is held in Pieksämäki Veturitori,  on the last day of Confirmation Training at 2PM, it’ll last around 1,5 hours. More details you’ll have on the last letter.

Are the godparents taking part of the Confirmation Mass?

Yes, one of the godparents is at altar blessing the confirmand. Youngster is asking one of his godparents to this task. If your godparent can’t be present, you can ask your relative or very good friend to this task.

What kinds of clothes you were at Confirmation Mass?

For Confirmation Mass youngsters are wearing a white alb, which is borrowed from the Pieksämäki congregation during the Mass. Otherwise you can think to wear proper clothes keeping in mind the occasion you are taking part. Very bright colors are quite visible through the alb. Please choose socks and shoes carefully. You’ll dress up your own full dress in Partaharju before closing event.

Where you can organize Confirmation celebrations in Pieksämäki?

Some of Confimands can have their celebrations in Partaharju, please contact to the manager of Partaharju to ask this possibility. In Pieksämäki are several other places to have celebrations, you’ll find there also possible accommodations.

Is there joint transportation to the camp center Partaharju in Pieksämäki?

We have not organized joint transportation to Pieksämäki. You need to organize it by yourself. Trains  and busses  are coming to Pieksämäki from different parts of Finland. From the stations easiest way to come to Partaharju is taxi. The duration from stations is only about 8 kilometers. When you come with you own care here are the instructions for it