Confirmation training


International Confirmation Training’s has been more than 30 yrs. a place where youngsters make friends and get know what Confirmation Training is using either Finnish or English. At Partaharju meets 140 youngster in two “big Confirmation camp” 70 participants per camp. There are on average participants from 12 different countries all over the World. Teaching is in three classrooms which one is English, one Finnish and the third might be Finglish.

Confirmation training is similar than Confirmation Trainings in local congregations in Finland. Exception is duration of 10 days, Confirmation Mass at the last day of camp and the languages used in every action.

Starting point is at October when the Confirmand and his family gets first e-mails. The youngster participates the activities of the local congregation (following its rules) and use Moodle environment to get know the rest of the youngsters at the same group and also answer few tasks there.

The progrm of the camp itself is quite compact. It includes teaching, free-time, games and singing and many other programs. Food is served by Partaharju kitchen five times per day. Accommodation is in rooms of 3 to 6 persons.

Nuori kirkko ry. “The Young Church Association” organizes two International Confirmation Training camps in 2020:

  • International Confirmation Training KV72, from July 12th to 21st 2020. The Confirmation Mass is held at Pieksämäki on Tuesday July 21th at 2p.m.
  • International Confirmation Training KV73, from July 23rd to August 1st 2020. The Confirmation Mass is held at Pieksämäki on Saturday August 1st at 2p.m.




For more information:
Elise Kyttä, 040 731 8578
Toimisto, 044 299 0553