FAQ in english

How and when can I apply to Confirmation training?

To apply to Confirmation training, please use the online form located on our home page. Training dates are usually published in March, and the application can be accessed at any time. Once the form is submitted, you will receive an e-mail as soon as possible confirming your application. If you have any questions, please contact our office: +358 44 299 0553. Those applying for the waiting list, should follow the same process.

Does the Young Church Association (Nuori Kirkko) provide the same Confirmation training as local parishes in Finland?

Yes, we follow the same Confirmation training plan as local parishes of the Lutheran Church of Finland. Our Confirmation training is international and we use both Finnish and English during the classes and during all other activities.

Why is the participation fee of Confirmation training higher than in the local parish?

Local parishes in Finland receive church tax revenue, which they use to cover some of the costs associated with Confirmation training. Seeing as how we are an independently run organization, we do not receive any tax revenue and therefore must request a higher fee from our training participants. However, in order to make our services more accessible, we do offer a plan in which payments can be made in three different installments.

Can I attend Confirmation training if I am under 15 years old?

Fourteen-year-old prospects are permitted into Confirmation training so long as it is within the calendar year they have their 15th birthday. For all other younger persons who will not turn 15 within the calendar year, there are some special circumstances under which Confirmation training is allowed. Requests for these special accommodations allowing early admittance into Confirmation training should be taken to the vicar of your home congregation.

Can I attend Confirmation training if I’m not baptized?

Yes, you can attend Confirmation training without having been baptized. You can also attend the training if you are not a member of Finnish Lutheran Church. In order to be confirmed however, you must be baptized and join/belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is possible to be baptized during our Confirmation training. In order for us to baptize you at one of our camps, you must gather the necessary forms from your local parish office before attending training. Please contact the pastor of your Confirmation training camp for more information and details.

What if I’ve been baptized in a denomination other than Finnish Evangelical Lutheran?

So long as you have a church membership form that shows you have had a Christian baptism, it is not necessary for you to be baptized again. If your church membership form does not show any record of your baptism, please send a copy of your baptism certificate to the Nuori Kirkko office before your Confirmation training starts.

How can I participate in the activities of my home congregation while I’m taking part in Nuori kirkko Confirmation training?

Our Confirmation training includes a module in conjunction with participants’ home parish. This portion of training requires about 20 hours and can be completed in different ways. For example, these hours can be obtained by participating in services and congregational events in your home congregation. Regardless of how these hours are accumulated, your home congregation is responsible for these activities, and you should work with your pastor or youth worker in order to complete this requirement. If you would like to learn more about this requirement now, there is additional information in the tab labeled “My home congregation.”

What if I can’t work with my home congregation to complete this module?

Your local congregation is responsible for organizing suitable activities for you, but if this proves to be an issue, you can contact our office and we will send you a leaflet offering alternative ways to proceed.

How can I take part in the activities, if I’m is not a member of the Lutheran Church?

If you are not a member of the Lutheran Church, you should find out which local congregation you will belong to after the Confirmation training. You should then contact the local Lutheran (or Christian) Congregation to become a member if you wish to be confirmed.

How can I take part in the activities if there is no Christian church in my home country?

When you are visiting Finland, you can participate in worship services and other congregational events in local parishes. It is also possible to participate in some congregational activities via internet.

What do I do if I’ve had little or no religious education?

Before coming to training, you need to read To be a Christian in Finland. This book offers information about the activities of the Finnish Church and local congregations, as well as a few general points about faith in Finland. For English speakers, you might also find Finnish Catechism a useful book to read as well. More information about religion in Finland will be provided during Confirmation training.

What are the housing accommodations like at camp?

You will be housed in a room with 2-5 other participants in one of our activity buildings.

What will the food be like during Confirmation training?

Activity Center Partaharju mostly serves homemade Finnish food. If you have food allergies or follow a special diet, please contact our office directly before you begin training.

Are visitors allowed during Confirmation training?

We will host a visitor’s day, on which we will warmly welcome visitors in to camp to see how training is going. Detailed information about the specifics of this day will be provided in the final Confirmation training letter. Visitors are only allowed on this specific day.

Are friends and relatives allowed to attend the closing ceremony at Confirmation training?

Yes, all friends and relatives are welcome to this event. We will hold the closing ceremony on the morning of the last day of Confirmation training, just before Confirmation Mass. We also invite all visitors to join us for lunch in Partaharju after the closing ceremony, before Confirmation Mass. We will provide more detailed information in the last Confirmation training letter.

When and where is Confirmation Mass?

Confirmation Mass is held in Pieksämäki Veturitori, on the last day of Confirmation Training. More details will be provided in the last Confirmation training letter

Do my godparents take part in Confirmation Mass?

Yes, you are allowed to have one godparent at the altar to bless you. If your godparent can’t be present, you can ask another relative or good friend to perform this task.

What kinds of clothes should I wear at Confirmation Mass?

For Confirmation Mass you will wear a white alb over your clothing. The alb will be borrowed from the Pieksämäki congregation, but you will be responsible for the clothing you wear under the alb. For this attire, we advise avoiding bright colors, as they can be seen through the alb. Otherwise, we ask that you wear proper clothing, keeping the occasion in mind. Please choose socks and shoes carefully. You will dress in your full dress in Partaharju before the closing ceremony.

Can my family organize a Confirmation celebration in Pieksämäki?

Families are allowed to hold Confirmation celebrations in Partaharju. Reservations of space should be made by contacting the Partaharju manager. There are several spaces to host celebrations in Pieksämäki as well.

Will organized transportation to the Activity Center Partaharju be offered from the Pieksämäki railway station?

We will not offer organized transportation, so visitors will need to make their own way to Partaharju. Trains and busses run through Pieksämäki from various parts of Finland. From the stations, the easiest way to come to Partaharju is by taxi. Partaharju is 8 kilometers from the stations.