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There are 70 young participants from Finland and other countries in one Confirmation Training.

Our Confirmation Training has been divided in three different parts:

  1. part where we would like you to get in touch with your local parish and participate in their activities. As each community is different their activities varies slightly at times. Please contact your pastor or the congregational youth worker and make an appointment with them. three different parts.
  2. part includes tasks which are sent to participants during winter time.
  3. part is camp , which last 9 days and is held in Partaharju, Pieksämäki.

1. My home congregation

With the first letter in October you will also receive a letter to be given to the local pastor/minister. In that letter is told that the young adolescent is coming to Confirmation Training of the Young Church Association (Nuori kirkko ry). Local congregation is asked to help this Confirmand to take part local activities.

The duty of a local parish (in Finland) is to help their member to take part different congregational activities. If this is not possible we do have our own rule of this.

To help local parishes the Finnish Church has written a leaflet My home congregation. You need to fill in this leaflet together with local congregation worker.

This duty is for every Confirmand. If you are living in a country without any Christian Church, you can follow Finnish Lutheran Worship Services  in Finnish (

2. Tasks to do in your own country

All confirmands both Finns and others have the same Confirmation Training tasks: First letter (in October), Second e-mail and moodle platform (February, invitation e-mail) and Third letter (May).

They need to explain if  they have had religious teaching and what kind of. And if they haven’t had any they’ll have additional tasks to complete.

The tasks are reviewed in the order we receive them. If confirmand hasn’t done these before the camp part he needs to complete these at the camp on his free time.

3. Camp

The Camp part of the International Confirmation Trainings is held at the Partaharjun toimintakeskus in Pieksämäki. The camp part of our Confirmation Trainings are organised one after another in July. One Confirmation Training every year is ment to be held together with The Finnish Seamen’s Mission and they’ll send one leader to the camp.


With first Confirmation Training letter we’ll send a letter to parents. There is some basic information of Finnish Confirmation Training and what it includes. Confirmation Training Plan is informed.

We are asking the parents to write a letter to the leaders of Confirmation Training because we find that the role of parents is very important. Coming to the camp part of Confirmation Training we’ll collect Important information – leaflet, this is for safety reasons. We’ll find out from that leaflet parents contact information during camp part if we need contact them during camp.

About half of parents or relatives of confirmands are visiting camp on Visitors day. The program of the day is quite compact because those confirmands who doesn’t get any visitors can enjoy the day.

We are invited parents and relatives to join the Confirmation Training closing event in Partaharju Activity Centre on the morning of Confirmation Mass.


Bus is taking all confirmands to the Pieksämäki Veturitallit where they are dressed to the alb. You can buy the Confirmation picture before and after Confirmation Mass.

Confirmands are coming with procession in and are seated in font benches. The program of the Confirmation Mass is distributed at doors. More information is given before Mass. Confirmation Mass is about 1.5 hours long and it’s bilingual. You can take photos at your seat.

After Confirmation we’ll ask one of the godparents of every confirmand to come at altar behind their godchild. Godparent together with the Confirmation Training leaders are blessing the youngster as they were blessing them at their baptism.

After Confirmation Mass confirmands are going out of church as procession, they’ll give the alb away and after all this they are ready to congratulate, to give flowers and to say farewell.


At the International Confirmation Trainings of Nuori kirkko there is seven employees, three assistant teachers, who are also over 18 years old and who have been group leaders before.

At least one of the staff members is a pastor of Finnish Lutheran Church and one is music teacher. The other employees are mostly students of Church youth work or theology.

We in Nuori kirkko are obeying the Finnish church rule statute orders and criterion of Confirmation Training teacher. Also it is very important that all the teachers have a good knowledge about the religion they are teaching

The tasks are reviewed in the order we receive them. If confirmand hasn’t done these before the camp part he needs to complete these at the camp on his free time.