Motor Forge activity


What is Motor Forge activity?

Youth can get together to talk about life under the guidance of professionals while working for example with cars and mopeds. The goal is to offer meaningful activity for young, guidance, peer activity and ordinary management with low threshold principals.

Motor forge activity is for young under 29 years who face the risk of social exclusion. Young person can find the Motor Force by a recommendation of a friend, school cooperation, labor administration, parishes and social services.

Moottoripaja-hanke – Motor forge project in Finland

Funding comes from Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) for the years 2014-2017. The Evangelical Lutheran Association for Youth in Finland – Nuori kirkko takes administration of the project. Nuori kirkko is a nationwide central and service organization in child and youth work.  Goal of the project is to create a nationwide special youth work method, create new forges (6 pieces) and also develop and support the existing forges. We also support the physical and mental growth of youngsters and motivate them to become active members of the society, strengthen young person’s human relations. Meaning of the project is also to produce information about evaluation for the local motor forges.

What does the youngsters get?

“School is getting better and I´m away from evildoing.”
“You learn to know cars, to drive and to fix or pimp.”
“You learn many new things. You can talk about your own difficulties or so.”
“You learn and advance in handcrafts. You meet new friends. Forge is a place where you like to be and be yourself.”